Build Me A Brewery (BMAB) is a centralised online resource for aspiring, in-planning and established brewery owners to become more informed and connected within the commercial brewing world.

Within the website you will find articles from industry experts covering many technical angles and commentary on trends within the commercial brewing industry. To compliment this, we also provide access to our popular ‘how to’ podcast Build Me A Brewery, and a comprehensive business directory, allowing both aspiring and established brewery owners to easily find and connect with business products and services to help grow their businesses.


When founder Chris Hayton looked for a career change, he did not look much further than his beer glass. Being an avid homebrewer and passionate about craft beer it seemed an obvious pivot towards either getting into the brewing industry or starting his very own brewery.

Having an obsession for information, Chris found that there was a massive gap in his part of the world on how to go about starting a brewery, as well as being delivered in a way to provide a foundation for the layman to understand and act upon it.

So, he decided to visit breweries in his local area of Sydney to understand how they started out, the successes, challenges, mistakes and do differently. This gave birth to the Build Me A Brewery podcast which are his recorded conversations with breweries and professionals right across the brewing industry covering the many angles and considerations a brewery entrepreneur needs to know.

With a long-term goal of opening his very own brewery, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of the BMAB website and Podcast to create an online hub of information and resources for aspiring and established business owners, industry professionals, services, and suppliers for the greater good of making better beer and smarter business decisions.


One day, after discovering the Build Me a Brewery podcast, Joel our resident content dude reached out to Chris to give him an earful about how great his podcast has been for him, and he would love to collaborate and join in anyway possible.

Spending many years crafting his art in the video production and marketing worlds, Joel has an immense wealth of knowledge and skill in videography and photography. He decided to combine this immortal wisdom with his true passion; really good beers. Sharing a love of great craft beers and quality podcasts, Joel set out to bond with Chris over too many beer styles at GABS and too many zoom meetings. Then a partnership was struck. Sharing a passion for beers and opening a brewery himself, Joel joined forces with Chris and Build Me A Brewery podcast, to deliver visual content made as well made as the beers he drinks.