Bespoke Brewing Solutions

Bespoke Brewing Solutions are your commercial brewing equipment designers, consultants, manufacturers and installers. Whether you’re an experienced brewer or new to the industry, we make it easy to bring your craft beer to life.

We can source the best commercial brewing equipment for any size craft brewery, from milling the malt to filling your kegs.

Our team has 6 years of solid team work together and 10+ years of experience of manufacturing brewing equipment. That means we’ve sourced equipment and designed brewhouse configurations for every type of brewery you can imagine, in every situation.

We oversee the production of our products from design to manufacturing, so our equipment meets US, Canadian and Australian standards. You’d expect nothing less.

We produce our commercial brewing equipment to the absolute highest standard – because the quality of equipment can really make a huge difference to your product – and overall success of your brewery.

At Bespoke Brewing Solutions, we focus on helping breweries make their products better, faster, and more cost effective. We believe in empowering people in the industry with knowledge, so we pass on all the information we can – to help our brewers learn and the industry flourish.

We know the do’s and don’ts! Let us bring this experience into your project, to help it go smoothly.

When you work with Bespoke Brewing Solutions, you have access to a consulting service, along with the highest quality brewing equipment.

Whether you’re an experienced brewer or new to the industry, we make it easy to bring your craft beer to life.

If you’ve never started a brewery before, we’re here to help. If you’re an experienced brewer, we speak your language.

Whatever your craft beer project, we can bring it to life.

König Brewing Systems

KÖNIG Brewing Systems offers world-class brewing solutions. From 1BBL Pilot Systems to 150BBL Production Brew Houses, commercial and craft distilleries KÖNIG has the experience, skill, and facility to take on various project types.

Owned by a Brewer and an Engineer with over 30 years of industry experience and over 500 breweries built, KÖNIG is here to do what we do best, build innovative world-class brewing equipment, and provide exceptional customer service.

Gladfield Malt Ltd

Gladfield Malt deals directly through our four Australian-based warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. At all times you’ll deal directly with us, so there’s no need to go through an Australian distributor. This means craft brewers all over Australia can talk with us, the growers, doing away with the middle-man and getting a product that’s as fresh as if you were in the paddock next door.

With the most modern malt roaster in Australasia, Gladfield Malt can create a wide range of flavours to suit your next recipe. We also have an on-site laboratory and all our malt batches are rigorously tested to ensure a high-quality, consistent product all year-round. What we’ll ship to you in Australia is the same product we’d sell straight from our farm in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Our Australian warehouses are constantly being refreshed with our full range of malts. When you place an order, your malt will be coming straight from one of our Australian warehouses. That means shorter waiting times, and ensuring you still receive a high-quality malt.

Gladfield Malt provides recipe conversions and our app is available on the iOS and Android stores. With our unique flavours of both coloured and specialty malt products – all with very high efficiencies – Gladfield Malt will keep you ahead in the market. Before it’s a great beer, it’s a great malt.

Every one of Gladfield Malt’s 36 varieties is available to Australian craft brewers, with no minimum order.

Australia queries and new Australian customers please contact:
Australian Sales:
Phone +61 408 608 857 or +64 27 392 7543

DME Process Systems Ltd.

DME Process Systems Ltd. is the leader in the craft beer brewing industry and has become the preferred supplier of equipment to craft brewing customers around the world. DME prides itself on being a customer’s best resource for the planning, design, fabrication, management, and successful execution of each unique brewery project.


East Coast Canning is Australia’s leading mobile canning solution with a strong focus on quality control and sustainability. We have 5 industry leading counter-pressure mobile canning machines that produce a final product ready for sale!

Not only that, we also have digital printing and labelling services available. Small to large orders, we can provide everything you need to produce a top-quality packaged product to help drive your business.

Hop Products Australia

Hop Products Australia (HPA) is the leading hop grower in Australia, backed by a team of experts in plant breeding, farm operations, customer service and brewing support. Their farms have been growing hops for more than 150 years, but they’re focused on creating new aromas and flavours that will make even more tasty beers.

HPA are also regional representatives of the global BarthHaas group. This means they’re able to share Aussie hops with brewers around the world, and bring a great range of international hops and innovation products to Aussie brewers.

Aussie hops – Cascade, Eclipse®, Ella™, Enigma®, Galaxy®, Topaz™, Vic Secret™
Leading international hops – Amarillo®, Citra®, Mosaic®, Nelson Sauvin™, Perle, Simcoe® & more
Innovation products – Flex®, HopAid®, Incognito®, LUPOMAX® & more