Coming to the pointy end of the original series of the podcast, our second last episode to be exact. Today’s episode I meet up with Director of BSK Projects, Benedikt Schikora to discuss the services and benefits of engaging a Project Management firm to guide an aspiring brewery owner through the convoluted and intricate nature of a brewery project, from the concept design phase right through to commissioning and opening.


BSK Projects are a highly regarded Project Management firm specialising primarily in hospitality, entertainment and retail sectors both here in Australia and Internationally. Benedict discusses the role of a Project Manager and dives into all the key steps and phases a project like a brewery build goes through and the complexities of each if you were to manage on your own. We also touch on the interior design of a brewery especially the tap room for patrons creating a warming and inviting atmosphere and not just a warehouse with milk crates and a bar.

I thought having Benedikt on the podcast at this stage of the series would be a nice way to tie together all the episodes, topics and learnings to date and discuss how this can be applied to the overall project management of your brewery build.


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