Not a topic that I considered when starting this podcast. Yes these topics can be applied to any business across any industry, but our episodes and conversations in this segment are tailored and applied to life within a brewery’s business. More than just one topic, but I feel they all have an important role to play and they seem to interrelate and blend into one another, and that is People & Culture, Training & Safety within A Brewery and across the greater industry itself.


In part 1 of the segment, I talk with Chief Brewer at 4 Pines Brewing Co, Chris Willcock. Chris has been working within the brewing industry for over 10 years now, and is well placed to share his experiences and insights of seeing a small family run brewery gain growth and momentum into a medium and large sized one to then eventually being bought out by the big boys, and not just once but twice in his brewing career.

In this time, his gotten to see the work and team cultures change and adapt, the challenges a business experiences when it comes to dealing with growth, and how it’s systems and processes have had to evolve to become more formalised. Chris also is a qualified Master Brewer, being a pass student of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, and shares further details on the important role the IBD has played in the formal training and development for brewers globally.


In this episode, I manage to line up a chat with Supply Chain Leader Rich Crowe of the Fermentum Group, including brands such as Stone & Wood, Fixation and just recently acquired Two Birds, as well as being joined by  Brew life & Impact Leader Elise Skinner.

Rich having over 15 years in both small and big brewing businesses and Elise having a strong HR background, it was a very insightful dynamic to have in our chat which covers topics such as growing pains a business experiences during growth, creating a healthy team culture, attitudes towards safety and interesting rewards and incentive programs for the workforce that Senior Management and Business Owners can implement to assist with things like staff retention and work life happiness.

This is another great chat from the People & Culture angle, with yet another successful medium to large sized brewery such as Stone & Wood which complements and adds even greater value to our earlier episode with Chris from 4 Pines.


In this episode, we heavily dive into the formal training options available across Australia and Globally in the Brewing Industry, where I chat with Young Henry’s Co-Founder & IBA Training Advocate Leader Richard Adamson who has been pivotal in the development of the CIII Microbrewing course here in NSW  and the greater national TAFE course framework for the brewing industry here in Oz, and to complement this chat, we are also joined by Director of Online Learning & Faculty Member of the historic brewing school Siebel Institute of Technology, Richard Dube.

In our chat we discuss the TAFE course offerings now available to those either wishing to get into the brewing industry or formalise their current skills and experience, apprenticeship options, as well as the role that the Siebel Institute of Technology has played in the training & development of the brewing industry over the past 100 plus years and how keen learners can take advantage of it’s online program and flexible module offering.


In this episode, I meet up with Co-Founder & Director Peter McGee of Victual. Now I like to best describe Victual as a turnkey safety management system that Brewery Owners and related industries can access and utilise for developing formal safety processes within their business. They offer much more than this, which Peter shares with us in today’s episode, including their beverage recall insurance program to assist brewery owners with the unfortunate event of having to carry out a recall on defected products heading out to the consumer market.

We also dive into the dangers and hazards a worker and business in the brewing industry faces, and how their streamlined platform and onsite support assists brewery owners to better manage safety and risk within their business and workplace.


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