Brewing Equipment | Installation & Commissioning | Ancillary Equipment


Today’s episode I chat with Canadian based Brewing Equipment Manufacturer and consultancy business Konig Brewing Systems. Founders Brad McQuhae & Balbir Sidhu invite along other members of their team, Sales Executive Paul Feaver & Technical Sales &  Service operative Matthew AKA Mugg Cameron.

In our chat we cover a lot of ground, discussing topics such as comparing and breaking down sales quotes from manufacturers & suppliers and providing some good investigations into why quotes can vary in price and inclusions.

We also discuss the Installation & Commissioning side of equipment, complimenting the article that Brad did for the BMAB site a few months back. This includes Factory Acceptance Testing and considerations when trying to do the install yourself.

And finally we end with a conversation on all the ancillary equipment rarely talked about in conversations on brewhouses & tanks such as pumps, valves, glycol to name a few.

It’s another giant episode, which has some important visuals to assist the audience with their understanding of today’s chat, so look at out for the video version of this episode via our YouTube channel.



Konig Brewing Systems Website