In this week’s segment we discuss the inner workings of Beer distribution and how Breweries work with distributors and retailers to send their beer far and wide into bottleshops and pubs and clubs. We chat with local, state and national distributors here in Australia, as well as an interesting chat on importing into China and an exciting new platform on streamlining the supplier and customer relationship in regards to distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Part 1 – Andy Harris from Motus Transport

In part 1 of the segment, I talk with Founder and Director Andy Harris from Motus Transport. Being a family owned & operated transportation and logistics company, Andy and his Wife Emily started the business back in 2016 and have grown to become one of the largest cold storage warehouse and distributors of Craft Beer in NSW.

Andy having a background in Sales within the beverage industry, he saw a gap in the distribution market and began to concentrate on building a solid network of customers within the craft beer space. Having over 100 breweries within their portfolio they work with, Andy is very well placed to share his insights on what Breweries need to be considering when dipping their toes into the wholesale distribution space.

Part 2 – Diarmaid O'Mordha from Endeavour Drinks Group

In this episode, I sit down with Group Quality & Sustainability Manager of the Endeavour Drinks Group, Diarmaid O’Mordha. Most of you will know that the Endeavour Drinks group is the largest beverage retailer and distributor in Australia with well known bottleshops such as Dan Murphy’s and BWS, and the giant pubs & clubs network ALH Group. Diarmaid and his team, to use his own words “are the ones that keep the river clean from being polluted” when it comes to the many different beverage producers wanting to sell their products within their retail distribution channels.

In our chat, we talk about the potential opportunities for small local breweries if they have ambitions to get their beers into local BWS bottleshops, the common pitfalls and issues they come across with suppliers just starting out in wholesale distribution and some of the bare minimum quality controls a Distributor such as Endeavour would expect a brewery to adhere to.

Part 3 – Bryant Soorkia from Ready Set China (Exporting Beer to China)

In this episode, I chat with Bryant Soorkia from Ready Set China who represents and imports a number of famous Australian beer brands into mainland China.

Not a topic I thought I would cover, especially for those just starting their brewery building journey, but the opportunity to chat with Bryant presented itself and I am glad I did so. As craft is growing in Australia, so too an infant craft beer scene is picking up momentum in the largest economy in the world, China. Born and bred in Melbourne, Bryant has spent many years over in China. He is currently the North China Regional Sales Manager of 31Jiu, a beverage importer and distributor, and he also his own marketing consulting business Ready Set China which helps businesses outside of mainland China break into the market helping them with brand representation in a vastly differing consumer culture.

In our chat we discuss the potential opportunities for Australian Craft beer brands to tap into the Chinese craft beer market, what the import regulations and conditions into mainland China are, the business & consumer culture differences between that of China and the Western world and finally some important infrastructure aspects a brewery should have in place before considering sending their beer overseas.

Part 4 – Rich Coombes from Kaddy

In this episode, I meet up with serial Beer Entrepreneur Rich Coombes from Kaddy. Having started other beer and cider ventures in the past, including Batlow Cider and Canberra’s Capital Brewing, Rich and other co-founder and former UBER Australia Head of Operations Mike Abbott, are streamlining the way suppliers and customers in the alcoholic beverages market interact with their B2B ordering platform Kaddy.

In our chat we discuss how Kaddy works, and how it can help breweries to start dipping their toes into wholesale distribution. We also talk about the self-distribution and traditional distribution models and how the Kaddy platform combines the two creating an interesting hybrid way of doing business in the wholesale distribution space.

A very interesting concept, and yet another example of how the rise of the Internet Economy and the digital tech world is disrupting and redefining industries in regards to the supplier, customer relationship and cutting out unnecessary middle men.